These days, almost everyone slouches at some point due to being glued to their smartphones/ tablets, genetics or just general poor health.

However, there are several reasons why you should practice better posture because it is proven to have positive effects on the body.

Your body shows how you are, and this influences your body: your feelings, sadness, low self-esteem, happiness, etc. It’s a viscious cycle;  your mood affects your posture, and your posture affects the body. In return, your body can affect your mood.

But, perhaps, most of you is here to know if a good posture can help you lose some weight.

Well, the reply is yes.

In fact, bad posture can hinder the proper functions of your organs, strictly connected to your weight such as the circulatory system and the digestion.

Further more, bad posture reflects low self-esteem that in return, influences your diet. Apparently, the better you see yourself, the better you may eat and the less you may feel hungry.

Therefore, when you wake up in the morning, try to create a good image of yourself and feel it: automatically – and indirectly – you will practice a good posture that will eventually lead to a higher self-esteem and better and healthier diet habits.

The benefits of a good posture in few words:

  • improved digestion and consequential ability to work better;
  • reduced fluid retention due to a less compression of blood and lymphatic vessels;
  • boosted “body-purification” thanks to a better intestinal activity.

So next time you look at yourself and you don’t like what you see, remember that posture could be the key of your happiness – or part of it.

It’s important to do it with awareness, willingness and happiness. Doing it because you feel obligated makes it more difficult to maintain a healthy and attractive body. Most importantly- do it for yourself!

Good Posture and Weight Loss

Did you know that there is a connection between good posture and weight loss?

Just stand or sit up straight and lose pounds!

When we slouch we let our guts hang out and we look heavier than we really are. When we stand up using proper alignment it forces us to pull everything up and in and we look thinner.

Helpful Tip: Using a posture corrector is a great tool to help minimize back pain, as it gently “forces” you to practice good posture.

  • Build Strength

If you practice standing up straight on a regular basis you will build muscle. The core muscles which are those in you abdomen and back will strengthen. After you practice this for a while you will build the muscles so much that standing up straight will become natural.

  • Use More Calories

What happens when we build muscle? We burn more calories. Just by standing up straight you will burn more calories in a day. Not only because you are building muscle but because you are using more energy. That will add to the calories burned towards losing weight. What could be easier?

  • Breathe Better

Standing up helps our bodies breathe better too. When we breathe better we stimulate our metabolism and are also able to burn calories faster. Standing up and breathing better go hand in hand and also help us feel better physically and emotionally.

When we feel better physically we will be able to be more active. When we feel better emotionally we will be more optimistic and more likely to treat ourselves better. So take that deep breath!

The following are the detailed body posture you can always practice to achieve loss of weight:

  • Chest Stretch on a Roller- 

One of the surefire, best feeling exercises around! This position opens the chest, stretches the super tight pectorals, and literally opens the heart to the universe. Most people need to do this stretch daily from a biomechanics perspective (their pectorals are tight). In keeping with the powerful posture hormone boosting theory, this position opens your body up easily and completely.

Don’t have a roller? Try a large stability ball or a pillow to elevate the body so the arms fall lower than the torso for the ultimate stretch.

  • Basic Back Extension– 

A safer and easier to do correctly version of the Yoga cobra. The basic back extension exercise involves opening the chest and strengthening the middle back muscles.

Different from the cobra, it places less stress on the lumbar spine, which is probably not ready for an extreme extension if you haven’t done posture exercise in a while. Lift to the back extension position, and hold this position for 1 minute.

  • Pelvic Curl– 

This is a common exercise seen in many core exercise programs., In this instance, holding the position at the top will maximize the chest expansion and hip extension element of this movement. The glutes will fire to bring strength to the posterior chain, and working these larger leg muscles also contributes to testosterone production.

Lift to the top of the bridge like position, and hold for 1 minute.

  • Tabletop Chest Opener– 

Arguably the most difficult exercise of this series. This one may take time to build up to 1 minute. It’s an extreme chest opening and works the posterior muscles heavily.

When done properly, this is a mind-blowing effective way to feel powerful in the chest opening stance.

  • Deadlift with Raised Arms– 

This may not look like a deadlift since you’re not handling heavyweights in front of you, but the hip hinging element of the bend works the hamstrings, glutes and lower back the same way a weighted deadlift would work. The added element of the raised arms creates extra load on the back muscles, and an opening-up of the upper body simultaneously. Hold this position and pull your abs in, while feeling your whole back wake up.

  • Wall Stand– 

This is a common posture strengthening exercise that is far more difficult to do than it seems. Standing forward from the wall 4 to 6 inches maximizes the chances of success, and the higher the arms, the more difficult the hold. The goal is to get the head, upper back, mid back, glutes, and back of the whole arms against the wall for the whole minute.